Get to Know Ponka-We

Ponka-We Victors is a life-long Wichita resident of the 103rd district. Her roots run deep in North Central Wichita, being a 3rd generation to live in the 103rd district. Ponka-We is a proud member of the Tohono O'odham Nation of Arizona and is from the Ponca Tribe of Oklahoma. She is also very proud of her Hispanic roots from her grandpa, the late Paul Davila of Wichita, Kansas. She is employed at Behavioral Link where she helps children find their path to an independent life. Ponka-We has pledged her entire life to acquiring all the knowledge she can from her elders and leaders. Since a small child, she has always been proud of who she is and her community.


Ponka-We earned a Master's of Public Administration from Wichita State University with an emphasis in Public Policy. She also received a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from Newman University in 2005. Throughout her educational career, she has taken full advantage of all the learning she possibly can—which has lead her to become involved within her community—and has she taken advantage of opportunities that will bring a new perspective to the Kansas House of Representatives.


Ponka-We is dedicated to improving her community and will listen to her constituents and respond to your concerns. She will use the skills and knowledge she has accumulated over the years in order to bring a new perspective to Topeka. She will become involved and help find solutions to the problems in Kansas. Ponka-We is committed to working hard for hard-working Kansans.